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#2 Install The HD Homerun Library

You will need a the HD Homerun library from silicon dust.

Installation instructions are here

Go to the link above to get the latest version but as of this writing

  1. wget
  2. tar zxvf libhdhomerun_20150826.tgz
  3. cd libhdhomerun
  4. make

There will be a lot of files in that directory, the one of interest is hdhomerun_config, you can copy it to a directory in your path like /usr/bin or /usr/local/bin but that will require root priviledges.  You can leave it where it is, but you will need to reference that path.

Now you can test to see if it can find the hdhomerun

hdhomerun_config discover

Remember that HDHR has to be on the same subnet

It should return the HDHR device number and its IP address, in this example we will use 1012345B

This command scans for available channels

hdhomerun_config 1012345B scan /tuner0

Here is how a discovered channel looks like

The 213000000 number is the channel, the PROGRAM number is the subchannel, and the value after the colon is the channel.

To tune to this channel you would use the commands

hdhomerun_config 1012345B set /tuner0/channel auto:617000000
hdhomerun_config 1012345B set /tuner0/program 3

Your tuner will be set to 13.1 KCPQ

Before you can send the stream to the linux transcoder box you have to turn on vlc to listen on UDP port 5000 and stream out the transcoded tream vi http tcp port.  In this example we will use 9000, this is all one line and you may want to run it in screen. is the IP address of the eth0 on the Linux Transcoder, you can actually go to localhost and have apache feed out the data using the ProxyPass directive.

cvlc udp://@:5000 :sout="#transcode{vcodec=h264,vb=600,scale=0.5,deinterlace,fps=20,acodec=mp2a,ab=192,channels=2,venc=x264{keyint=20,bframes=0}}:standard{access=http,mux=ts,dst=}" -v

Tweak the transcode parameters based on your taste and bandwidth,

Now you can simply point VLC network stream to your transcoder box


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