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HD HomeRun HDHR-T1-US on the Internet

I wrote an article in the past on how to get an HD Homerun Plus on the Internet

It is a great device, it had built in h.264 encoding.  It's drawbacks were that it was more expensive and did overheat.  After a few months of use, mine died, I suspect due to overheating.

I did have the non h.264 version called an HDHR-US dual tuner version and I also found a single tuner one at Goodwill for less then $10.

The blue one on top is the Single tuner version the one on the bottom is the dual tuner version.

The problem with these HD Homerun Units is that you cannot directly stream these to the Internet.  It doesn't stream to another subnet on your network either.  They need to be on the same subnet as whatever you are recording with.

This is also true with the h.254 encoded PLUS version as well.

The plus version was easy, just proxy it using apache.  With these HDHR-US units, in addition to a proxy you have to encode it yourself.

You can put it all one one server, but I personally split it in to two servers, one web server, and one transcoding server.  I did this because I wanted to keep the encoding off of my web server.


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