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The Lost Art of IT

I used to work for an aerospace company and spoke with the engineers and some historians a lot.  One of the things that bothered me was the lost knowledge of building Saturn F1 engines that lifted the rockets used in the Apollo motions to get us to the moon.  The engineers and tooling are all gone, although the engines and environmental impact may not work in today's world, I still think we can learn from this obsolete knowledge.


I am not a rocket scientist, but I am in the Information Technology field, and I do see some parallels.  There may not be any need for floppy disks in today's world, but they can provide some guidance when creating boot CD's to install firmware.  In 1989 I had a PC with a whopping 20MB of hard disk space (it was actually a hard card), today with the cache larger than 20MB, one might wonder why do I need to install an OS on such limited storage.  Then you think of embedded devices like a router, then you can see why you may want to learn how to shrink on OS.


This section, started on December 31, 2012, contains a series of projects I will work on and document so future generations can maybe make use of the knowledge and make it relevant to whatever project they have going on in front of them.

Most of my documentation will be from my lab

The examples I build are meant to work in my lab called the makernet network


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