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My Lighted Steps Project Phase 1


Last year we redid our deck, this year we plan to redo our front steps.

On of the things I want to add is automated lighting to the steps.  Phase 1 is to figure out the electrical components of this.

We will be using a microcontroller based on the Arduino project.  I won't go into detail on what arduino is, but will show how we implemented it.

There are certainly cheaper and easier ways to do this, but it is the journey not the destination.

So I am absolutely learning a lot about electronics and microcontrollers.

Arduino and Relay

Here is the arduino and an 8 switch relay board.  My first project 90 days ago was to get the Arduino to blink an LED, I have come a long way.

IR Control

I found that adding a used remote control was a lot easier (and cheaper) then adding buttons.  With this setup I can turn the lights on with my remote, with a lot more buttons, I have a lot more options.

Serial Console

I can still manage the system using a PC and a serial console.


Eventually, I will not be connected to a PC, and this will likely be powerd via USB Adapter.

PIR Sensor

I will have two of these passive infrared sensors to detect movement.  It is a bit pricey and have ordered two more online.

Getting Close

Have a lot of pieces in place, but as a get more and more in to it, the more I feel confident I can do this.


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