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Makernet Lab

A lot of documentation is done from my makerlab network.   This page documents how the network is set up.

This page was created 1/19/2018.

Here is a viso of its general layout

1 gateway.makernet.local. Default Gateway DDWRT Linksys
2 wap.makernet.local. Access Point DDWRT Linksys
3 jump.makernet.local. Management Server Windows 7
4 wap-1.makernet.local. Wireless Access Point DDWRT
5 wap-2.makernet.local. Wireless Access Point DDWRT
6 wap-iot.makernet.local. Wireless Access Point for Exhibit Box DDWRT
8 dc.makernet.local. Windows Domain Controller WIN2008 R2
10 alpha.makernet.local. Primary Support Server Raspberry Pi 2
11 beta.makernet.local. Secondary Support Server CentOS 6
12 gamma.makernet.local. IOT Raspberry Pi Raspberry Pi 
20 centos-prime.makernet.local. CentOS Gold Image CentOS
21-29 centos-$.makernet.local. CentOS Servers CentOS
30 linux-prime.makernet.local. Debian Gold Image Debian
31-39 linux-$.makernet.local. Debian Servers Debian
40 winclient-prime.makernet.local. Windows Gold Image Window Varies
41-44 winclient-$.makernet.local. Windows Clients Window Varies
51 rpi-1.makernet.local. Raspberry Pi B+ Raspberry Pi 
52 rpi-2.makernet.local. Raspberry Pi B Raspberry Pi 
100-199 dhcp-${0,3,d}.makernet.local. DHCP Open Range  
240-245 eoip$.makernet.local. Other Ethernet Over IP DDWRT
254 vpn.makernet.local. OpenVPN Server CentOS 6

Alpha is the main "server" even though it is just a Raspberry Pi, it is the DHCP server and master DNS server.  When we bring this show on the road, alpha comes with us.

DHCP updates DNS as well, so if a device supports DHCP hostnames, you should be able to access it via hostname.

Beta holds backups of Alpha and is also a mail server for makernet.local

Alpha and Beta do NOT authentcate against active directory.  Sometimes I authenticate against AD sometimes I don't, it depends what I am trying to show.  If I am taking something on the road for a presentation, exhibit, or class, AD will not be available.

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