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Frustrating Call With Century Link

All I wanted to do was pay my bill on their web site.  I was able to log in but got account unavailable.

But I was given a choice.

So starts my adventure

So basically, I stay on hold, but I expect this.

After a bit, someone comes on, so I think

Note the message every two minutes, so I ask if they are human

I think a human finally realized I was calling them out, so they answered my question.

At least this guy said there was a problem, but then he transfers me to someone else without any regard to me.

So more waiting

So I wonder if I am chattinging with a human or robot (note time stamp)

Two minutes later, I say it is a robot.

I chatted with someone for a bit and I ask if there is an office I can make a payment.

I get sent a link.

Web site is so slow, I come back in three minutes to resume my chat.  And I get disconnected.

BTW, I have so much time to put this page up because I decided to call and been on hold and bounced around between 3 departments.

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