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Blesentry Project Quick Take

The BLESentry Project is a collection software that monitors the surrounding area for Bluetooth Low Energy devices.

It was meant to specifically look for some common iTag devices, but probably use this project to look out for products that emit Bluetooth signals insecurely like some popular fitness tracking devices.

When a device is found, it writes a comma-separated variable file (CSV) in to /run/ble. Every device found gets written into that folder and it goes by mac address. You can use common tools like cat or tail to read these files. 

tail data

You could also copy these files off to a network share with a .csv extension and open them up in Excel.

Here is what each column represents

  1. The first column is the mac address,
  2. The second column is signal strength
  3. The third is a date stamp,
  4. The fourth rarely gets populated, but sometimes you get a device name.

This raw data is unremarkable, but once you start converting raw data to information, you start seeing the value of this project.

I have included a few projects, to show what type of information you can view.

Show Graphs

The first example is to create multiple charts using different timelines to see when the devices are active.  Blank entry mean they were out of range.

Track Multiple Devices

You can take the data track multiple devices and track based on their color.

Simple API

A simple web API where you pass through the mac address of the device gives you the last recorded state of the device

Multiple Monitors

You can install multiple monitors and track devices as the move in and out of an area

There are a lot of other projects which could be possible.


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