WRT310N Unboxed

I was excited for having a toy to play with and some time in the lab to test it out.

The box that the router was shipped in was certainly not exciting.

The contents were as expected, an Installation CD, Power Adapter, Network Cable and the Unit itself.

I tossed out the other stuff, don't need it.  Linksys was nice enough to protect the case of the router.

Its hard to read but there is a label covering the ethernet ports in the back. It instructs the user to install the CD first. I personally find these labels hilarious.  Ripping it out, don't need it, heck what I am doing will void the warranty anyway.

Here is the bottom of the unit, if heat becomes an issue I am raising this up, if it is still an issue, I am placing a fan under their to force air up, if it is still an issue, I will drill holes in the casing on top, if it is still an issue, I will attach a passive heat sink (no fan) on the hot components, finally if it is still an issue, I will put an active heat sink on it.

And the most important thing to me, finding out if this is a v1 or v2 of the WRT210N model, its a V2.
No time to set it up.