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My Introduction to LARD

My Introduction to LARD

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My introduction to LARD

LARD is a stripped down version CentOS 5 that boots up from a cdrom, usb stick or 
network boot.

It requires a minimum Pentium 3 with 384MB of RAM and be able to boot from a CD, USB 
or over the network.

During boot up it gets its IP address from your local DHCP server, starts an SSH 
daemon, and generates a random password for the root account.

Once it is running you can remotely access it via SSH client like putty.

Since it runs completely in RAM it allows you to work on the local hard drive.

You can do things partition the drive

Create FAT, NTFS or EXT3 partitions

and Install GRUB

or cool things like recover files from the hard drive, and blank out forgotten user 

or even cooler things like making it a web server, samba server or ftp server

and if you are really in to it, you can make it an iscsi-target or nfs server for 
vmware ESX or mount it as a block level device on another windows box, so you can 
scan for those really pesky malware that hide themselves well when the normal OS is 

So if you are interested, go to my website at for more 

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