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The LARD Project


Linux Alternative Rescue Distribution
(AKA Larry Apolonio's Rescue Disk)

 You have reached the page where LARD is supported.

 I have taken a CentOS 5.9 install with the CentOS Plus kernel and stripped out as much as possible to run completely in RAM.

LARD is used primarily for disaster recover and is meant to be popped into a machine to access the Hard Drive.

Since everything runs from RAM you can manipulate the hard drive.  There are several things built into the image.


  • Mount NTFS partitions
  • Mount ext3 partitions
  • Recognize and manage LVM Volumes
  • Restore using Amanda, Dump/Restore, tar
  • Share a filesytem via NFS, SSH/SCP, or FTP
  • Share a disk via iSCSI
  • Install GRUB
  • Change Partition layout
  • Other utilities such as screen, tcpdump and netcat or on the image.
  • Zero out a hard drive
  • Use ntfsclone over netcat to ghost an image.
  • With additional application modules you can turn it into a web server or samba server.
  • Clear out password on Windows using chntpw

Minimum Requirements

  • Pentium III
  • 384MB of RAM
  • Bootable CD drive or netboot.

 Boot Sources
I have successfully started LARD using

  • GRUB
  • pxelinux
  • isolinux.

You can download LARD from

LARD release notes

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